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If your brand is yet to go online or if it’s already online (kudos on that), but unable to keep up with Google, Facebook/ instagram/ twitter’s ever-changing algorithms, then your business/brand is most likely a dinosaur or on its way to meeting the same fate as one.

If you don’t know what I mean by  “ever-changing algorithms” or you do but don’t know how it’s related to your business, then your business/brand is most likely a dinosaur or on its way to meeting the same fate as one.

OR, if you do know what I mean by all of that stuff I just said and haven’t done anything about it or have but aren’t seeing any supremely awesome results, then your business/brand… you know how this is going to end.

It's time to say goodbye to T-Rex and hello to TTB

Welcome to Talking to Bots (TTB)

I’m Pushkarraj Mehta, Digital Marketing Strategist and the human behind Talking To Bots (TTB). TTB specialises in all things key to growing your business online like SEO, SEM, PPC – the works. I personally work with each of my clients to craft a customized strategy, build professional websites, get quality traffic flowing, raise organic search scores and convert those clicks to sales.

What I've achieved under 1 year

Keywords analysed every day

% Growth in Website Traffic

% Increase in leads

% increase in website Organic Traffic

% savings in advertising

Google Award


I like to work from the ground up. Which is why, a detailed audit of your website with competitor analysis is almost always the first step when I work with you. The report will help us determine where you stand, what needs to be fixed and what steps we need to take to achieve your business goals.

So you’re on the internet and deploying digital marketing solutions the way you should. What’s next? With so much happening and a fixed budget, how do you choose the best road to success?

This is where I step in. I’ll give you a detailed plan for long-term growth while meeting short term goals along the way. I’ll also develop a holistic content marketing strategy that will help you reach out to customers better and reflect your brand values more powerfully.

The following number were achieved for a client (YoY)

Percent Increase in Revenue

Percent Decrease in Advertising

Today, Google uses over 200+ factors in their algorithm including social signals, user-interaction and trust. How do you know which ones to focus on first?

The answer is SEO. Did you know that organic search results account for over 60% of your website traffic and should ideally lead to the highest conversions ratio across the board?

But SEO doesn’t work on a one-time formula and it’s definitely not easy to master, especially since it’s always evolving. From ranking your business on the first page of Google to optimising your site’s content for mobile searchers, my job is to bring you your well-deserved website traffic and connect you with prequalified customers.

SEO is effective, here are the numbers.

Percentage Growth Website Traffic

Percentage Growth in Website Leads (YoY)

Percentage Growth in Revenue

You might have the best website, but if your customers don’t find you when they are ready for purchase… well, you know the answer to this one. My role is to review your media spend and optimise your budget in line with your business goals, so when customers look for your products and/or services, your brand is right up there waiting to be clicked on.

Monthly Media spends


Social Media

Just bringing in the traffic is not enough to grow your business online. Which is why, I periodically set up goals to measure your online success, find out what’s leading to conversions, what’s not and why, understand your active audience better and enhance engagement both on your site and other suitable platforms.

Brands I Currently Work With

Google Award Winner

TTB wins the Regional Round (South India) for the Google SMB Heroes Award and finishes top 5 in India.

Category: Business Impact through Digital | Client: DIVE India

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