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If your brand is yet to go online or if it’s already online (kudos on that), but unable to keep up with Google, Facebook/ instagram/ twitter’s ever-changing algorithms, then your business/brand is most likely a dinosaur or on its way to meeting the same fate as one.

If you don’t know what I mean by  “ever-changing algorithms” or you do but don’t know how it’s related to your business, then your business/brand is most likely a dinosaur or on its way to meeting the same fate as one.

OR, if you do know what I mean by all of that stuff I just said and haven’t done anything about it or have but aren’t seeing any supremely awesome results, then your business/brand… you know how this is going to end.

It’s time to say goodbye to T-Rex and hello to TTB

Welcome to Talking To Bots (TTB)

I’m Pushkarraj Mehta, Digital Marketing Strategist and the human behind Talking To Bots (TTB). TTB is a Data-driven, Award-winning agency that specializes in all things key to growing your business online like SEO, SEMAnalytics – the works. I personally work with each of my clients to craft a customized strategy, build professional websites, get quality traffic flowing, raise organic search scores and convert those clicks to sales.

What we’ve achieved in 2 Years


Keywords analysed daily


Growth in Website Traffic, YoY


Increase in Leads, YoY


Increased in Time on Site


Increase in Organic Website Traffic, YoY


Savings in Advertising Spends, YoY


Google Award (B2C)


Digital Enterprise Award (B2B)


Website Development <UI, UX>

We focus on what your customers are looking for, what you want to communicate, and what search engines need. A perfect mix of UX, design, and Code. We will by Google’s manifesto to bring the design alive and convert better.

Growth Strategy

So you’re on the internet and deploying digital marketing solutions the way you should. What’s next? With so much happening and a fixed budget, how do you choose the best road to success? This is where I step in. I’ll give you a detailed plan for long-term growth while meeting short term goals along the way.


If you’re not on page #1 of google when customers are looking for you online, why are you even online? Ranking on Google isn’t only to get traffic but build credibility. We work to rank you on page 1, rank 1 of google.


You might have the best website, but if your customers don’t find you when they are ready for purchase… My role is to review your media spends and optimise your budget in line with your business goals, so when customers look for your products and/or services, your brand is right up there waiting to be clicked on.


Just bringing in the traffic is not enough to grow your business online. Which is why, I periodically set up goals to measure your online success, find out what’s leading to conversions, what’s not and why, understand your active audience better and enhance engagement both on your site and other suitable platforms.


So you’re on the internet and deploying digital marketing solutions the way you should. What’s next? With so much happening and a fixed budget, how do you choose the best road to success? Help me with everything.

 Case Study

Won GOLD at the Kamikaze Business Summit
Best Use of SEO in a Campaign: DY Works

When DY Works needed to be the number one agency for all that they offered, we ensured google agreed.

Key learnings

  • Reduced ad spends by 90%
  • Reduced bounce rate by 12%
  • Increased organic session duration time on site by 43 %
  • Optimized the website to rank #1 for Voice Search
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TTB wins the Regional Round (South India) for the Google SMB Heroes Award and finishes top 5 in India.
Category: Business Impact through Digital | Client: DIVE India

 Case Study

Featured as a case study by Google Digital Unlocked
Client: DIVEIndia

Lesson 1, Chapter 1: Benefits on a Online Strategy
Topic: Plan your online business strategy

Key learnings

An online business strategy can boost your chances of digital success, helping you to define clear goals and focus your online activity. In this lesson, we’ll explore:

  • how an online business can benefit from a business strategy
  • best practices when creating a business strategy
  • examples of common goals and popular strategies to achieve them.
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Lesson 2, Chapter 1: Introduction to Content Marketing
Topic: Get started with content marketing

Key learnings

With so many businesses and brands online, content marketing is a valuable tool in helping you to stand out. In this lesson, we’ll explore:

  • what content marketing is, and why it can add value to an online business
  • best practices for creating your own content marketing strategy.
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Lesson 2, Chapter 6: Measuring your success in content marketing
Topic: Get started with content marketing

Key learnings

Knowing how well your content performs once it’s published online will help you understand your audience, as well as provide you with insights as to how to improve campaigns in the future. In this lesson, we’ll explore:

  • the tools available to help track the success of your published content
  • key metrics used to measure the success of content marketing campaigns
  • how to use data gathered to better meet goals in future campaigns
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Yep, There’s nothing better than having your work featured used as Case Study and Google asking you to be a part of the video – What an experience this was!

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