Analytics: The future is data driven marketing

Just bringing in the website traffic is not enough to grow your business online. Analytics should be used to better understand your online customers. It’s a real time feedback process of what is working on your website versus what isn’t, what pages and converting higher and which aren’t.
If you’re not taking time to better understand how your customers interact with your website,  you’re on a path of self destruction. To ensure this doesn’t happen, I periodically set up goals to measure your online success, find out what is working, what isn’t and suggest action plans for the same.

Trend Analysis

Using historical information, our analysts are able to quickly identify patterns in your user’s behaviour and suggest actions to capitalise on the predicted future outcome.

Account Strategy

Verifying the appropriate implementation of the account and account properties to ensure views are correctly structured to silo your data for future analysis. Creation of goals, ecommerce tracking and customer reporting or personal dashboard

Data Verification

Unless you have full confidence in the data being recorded you can never be 100% sure that the decisions being made are sound. We will complete a full audit on any existing data and give you that confidence in the figures being reported.

Data Troubleshooting

Whenever websites or mobile apps are updated, unfortunately analytics data can sometimes become muddied through incomplete implementation or incorrect tracking. Our data experts who are individually qualified Google Analytics professionals are able to quickly identify the most likely causes for data discrepancies and help offer solutions and fixes.


Correct conversion attribution is a problem every organisation has in today’s multi-channel world and there are no right or wrong answers. We will work with you to understand your website objectives and your typical journey profiles to show you the different outcomes of attribution models. We can then help you implement those to your channel reports going forward.

Visitor Behaviour

Knowing that a visitor has come on your site is only half the equation. Without a clear idea of what subsequent actions they take, the full potential of that visit will never be realised. Using our analytical knowledge we will be able to plot the journey a visitor takes onsite and offer assistance to ensure that expectations are met.

Ongoing Reporting

Through our clear and regular reporting, website owners will be equipped with the information needed to make the right decisions moving forward.

Mobile App Activity

With the increased use of mobile, many digital activities no longer take place solely on site and so much of the analytical information is based within mobile apps. Using a full analytics package ensures that this information is not lost.

Measurement Models

Analytics will help you determine what your ultimate business objectives are and how you can to measure them. Objectives for some sites are obvious, such as an ecommerce site has the objective of selling products or services, whilst others sites are not so clear cut.