Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of using analytics data and user feedback to improve return on investment (ROI) from your website

In this process, I deep dive into your website audit report, website design, analytics, conversion rates, website hosting plans, media spends, affiliate link/ partners and everything that you currently do online. All these factors are evaluated with customer needs and expectations. After confirming your business goals, I suggest the necessary changes to the media spends, website design/ layout/ code, affiliate partners and suggest what’s necessary to increase your website conversion rate and drive down your marketing spends/ CPA.

User Experience (UX)

During the CRO process we work through the site as if we were a first-time visitor looking to convert. During our UX appraisal we will test your site to see if the conversion process is easy to understand and whether it is intuitive from a customer point of view.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

We will help you find out why your visitors aren’t converting and help identify any potential barriers within your funnel. We’ll be asking questions like: Is the process confusing? Are the calls to action clear?

Experiment Generation

We’ll look at your priorities and define those concerns users may have. We’ll formulate our hypotheses and design the experiments accordingly.

Testing Plans & Schedules

Once the experiments have been generated and baseline figures acquired we will draw up a clear and methodical testing plan so that every invested party is able to access a record of both current and future experiments.

Reporting & Analysis

Analysing the results against the expected outcome and then formulating a plan going forward is imperative for driving incremental gains. Optimisation is not a final act but more an ongoing process. Are there still aspects that could be improved? (The answer is a usually a resounding yes).


You may not feel the need to employ an external agency for every step of your CRO, so we can be flexible to work around your requirements. So if you are simply looking for someone to perform analysis for possible future testing we can still offer insights and guide you on which areas may be of higher priority (and have the largest impact).