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top 3 on google search results

PPC advertising encompasses all the networks you would expect, from paid search to paid social. Whatever type of campaign yields the best ROI; from shopping to remarketing, from Gmail to YouTube.

PPC Strategy

All PPC campaigns are tailor-made. But to develop a strategy that will deliver the results you need, I first get to know your business, industry sector, competitors and USPs.


I work to deliver that strategy by building off on  your existing campaigns or creating new accounts based on your business goals.

Shopping Ads

We’ll help you set up, manage and optimise your shopping campaigns and product listing ads to promote your inventory. Our experience helps us ensure the right product shows for the right keywords.


I target the most relevant keywords for your business or keywords that you would like to get found for. We are always on top of our game and use the most updated tools and techniques to ensure we cover the full search landscape & avoid areas that aren’t right for your business.

Ad Extensions

Ever wondered why your competitors ads appear bigger than yours? Or Why the first ad is bigger as compared to the other 3 placed below it? A vital part of the PPC arsenal, ad extensions transform your ads so you stand out, over your competitors. If you’re not using ad extensions in today’s bid landscape, you’re missing a trick. Ad extensions help your ad look bigger and you own more real estate on search result pages.

Adcopy Writing

Google has placed a lot of importance on quality of ads being served on their platforms. It is imperative that your ads not only appeal to your audience but also deliver what is promised. Ad copy is also directly related to the ad group’s keywords and to the landing pages on your website. With a strong call to action and continuous testing, you’ll get the right traffic at the lowest cost.


A PPC campaign without tracking set up is really you hoping for a miracle for your business to do well online. The first step I take here is to set up tracking for EVERYTHING we do online to better measure media spends and conversions to get you a better ROI.

PPC Optimisation

Ongoing optimisation is key to better targeting and reducing the Cost Per Click. There’s a lot of small changes that need to be made periodically. A slightly higher click through rate and a slightly lower CPC adds up to make a massive difference in your monthly budget /spend


You’ll get reports that provide meaningful insight into what’s happening with your campaign. What I’ve been working on, what I’ve noticed your competitors are doing and how your paid search is performing against the key metrics you’re most valuable to your brand/ business.