When people hear the term social media their minds usually head towards Twitter and Facebook, however, there are many platforms out there. Finding the ones where you can connect with your customers is the real key.

You might have the best product/ service, but if your customers don’t find you when they are ready for purchase… well, you know the answer to this one. My role is to review your media spend and optimise your budget in line with your business goals, so when customers look for your products and/or services, your brand is right up there waiting to be clicked on.

Brand Management

These are Hygiene elements and the foundation to your growth on social media. From finding & securing the appropriate usernames & profiles we help keep your social alias consistent and something you can build on.

Social Tone & Nature

“If your brand was a person, what would it say? How would it communicate? The ways in which businesses can use social media differs massively. We’ll help find the right tone of voice and style for you, making sure that your business is portrayed exactly how you want it.

Social “MEDIA” Advertising

Reality Check – Facebook’s organic reach is hovering at 2% and Instagram seems to be following in facebook’s footsteps. If its a new product lauch or you’d like to reach out to your existing audience you need to really target your audience well to make the most of your online spends. From promoted tweets, accounts or trends on twitter to Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, or sponsored YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest content – we Gotchu!

Cross Channel Promotion

Using the insights from our reporting and analysis we make sure that your message reaches your audience and fits across all your marketing channels, giving you a coherent and instantly recognizable voice across the internet.

Social PR

Or as we call it, Influencer marketing is the most authoritative and effective tool for brands. Publishers, bloggers, journalists & influencers with engaged followers can help bridge that gap between offline and online and get your product/ service to the right audience.


Social Media has evolved into a customer relationship management tool. It helps to understand what customers want, their problems/ complaints, and future demands. Customers today do not send emails to support@youtcompany.com but instead turn to social media and expect a response in real time. ORM Online Reputation Management ensures you never have to reply to a customer after a week of them wanted to engage with you.

Reporting & Analysis

We love data and our social media reporting will help identify and inform future activity not only in your social circles but across all your marketing channels. Measure reach/ engagement. Clicks to website, calls to store – the works.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is all about Brand mentions and an understanding what your customers want, understanding who’s talking about you, what they’re saying and what they think, and whether it’s positive. TTB ensures that you are always ahead of the conversation, ready to contribute whenever you need to and reply to your audience in real time.

Social Consultancy

Social Media is changing the way we interact with each other. From age 11 to 65, everyone is on social media scrolling. We’ll help you engage and reconnect with your audience and help you achieve your business goals.
If you already have an in-house marketing teams who just require guidance, or you need us to help build your social presence from scratch. We’ll help find the road to success.