The Best SEO SEM Agency

How do you find it? What should you look for? Let’s understand this better

What is SEO SEM?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
SEM Stands for Search Engine Marketing.

Simply put,
SEO is how you code your website to talks to the bots of the algorithm to help your website rank on page #1 search engine result pages. Since, Google owns 93% market share of the search engine business, most SEO’s only focus on google. SEO is 100% organic (FREE)

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the science of showing highly targeted ads to potential customers based on their intent on the devices they are using ads on the google network (Google Search, Youtube, Google Now, In App) and other searchin engines i.e.Bing and Yahoo.

While SEO is limited to the search engine. Google search and youtube search for most cases, SEM has a much larger reach through the google display network.


What should an SEO SEM Agency do?

An SEO SEM agency should be the one to dictate the digital strategy for you. They should partner with you as opposed to becoming a vendor to help you find pockets and the low hanging fruit and strengthen your digital presence. The agency should ensure the user / potential customer isn’t spammed and is total control of his/ her journey and lands on the right page for the right query.

The Best SEO / SEM Agency should:

1. Learn about your business and vision.
2. Understand what your audience searches for.
3. Audit your current website and media spends.
4. Present a clear strategy/ way forward.
5. Help identify content gaps and competitive edge.
6. Proactively keep an eye out on competition (Direct and Indirect)
7. Define goals, review, and optimize.


How to Select the best SEO SEM Agency:

How to select an SEO Agency:

Google did a video on how to select a SEO in 2017 and it still holds merit. Watch Here :

Conduct a 2 way interview
Check for references/ credentials
Ask for Technical and Search Audit
Understand who is working on the project

How to select an SEM agency:

Conduct a 2 way interview
Check for google certifications.
Ask for previous work/ case studies
Check for what metrics they ask for

Need for the Best SEO/ SEM agency today.

‘Digital is the new normal’ was so 2019.
Brands today need cutting edge digital solutions where they not only have to ensure short term business goals but also plan for the future. Brands need to stay on top to the ever-evolving nature of search engines and the emergence of voice search to always be present when customers want to reach them.
Google and Youtube are the biggest search engines today. Google has 92.18% of all search queries worldwide, Google is undoubtedly dominating the global search engine market share. Bing has 2.32 percent of the market share, Yahoo! has 1.6 percent of the total market share, and both Baidu, and Yandex each own less than a percent of the total market share. Google processes over 3.5 Billion searches a day, and 63% account to mobile searches. 46% of product searches begin on google and 60% of all product images searches link to e-commerce websites.

Fun fact ”Facebook” was the most googled term in 2020.  


Why TTB is the best SEO SEM Agency you should partner with

We always craft solutions by keeping people first. We study search patterns and do an in-depth analysis of what the internet of the user is. We’re google certified partners that means not only do we understand the Google Ads platform really well but also understand the google algorithm. We create content that talks seamlessly to google’s algorithm but more importantly for humans – your customers that are seeking information about your product, service or offering. We write ad copy that breaks the clutter and increases chances of click while reducing your cost per click. We design creatives that help achieve brand and performance.

At TTB, We are inspired by philosophies that are set by the very platforms we craft solutions for. We study trends and search patterns on a daily basis. We love understanding algorithms and are obsessed with better understanding the digital user. We study analytics and heat maps to better understand drop-offs and hindrances that stop the users to complete their journey.

Did we mention, our Founder, Pushkarraj Mehta is featured as a Case Study on Google Digital Unlocked and finished top 5 in India at the SMB Heroes Initiative by Google. He’s also Won Gold at the Kamikaze B2B digital enterprise awards for best use of SEO in a campaign.

Our SEO Process

Audit (Site)

Audit (Competition)

Technical SEO

Keyword Research

Audience & Location Definition

Content Strategy

Content Creation 






Our SEM Process

Audit (Current Spends)

Audit (Competition)

Define Goals

Keyword Research

Creating campaigns

Optimizing Landing pages

Setting up Conversion tracking

Measurement & Optimization




We partner only with the Best >> SEO SEM Tools we use:

SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SEO MOZ & SEOptimer

When used correctly together, SEO and SEM help build brand trust and recall. SEM helps achieve short term goals and put you directly in front of customers, and always be present when customers are want your product or service. A long term SEO strategy helps reduce your CPA and ensures your business ranks on page 1 for keywords you’re paying for.