Setting Up The Instagram Shop /Instagram Store in India in 2021

How to set up the Instagram Store in India in 2020

How to set up the Instagram Store in India in 2021

Instagram Store in India 2021 is the talk of the town. But before we learn how to set up the Instagram store in India / enable Instagram shopping (Ability to tag products in your organic feed) we need to better understand the digital user and their shopping behavior. Let’s deep dive into what Instagram is, what Instagram shopping enables you to do, why you need a solid presence on Instagram, and how to best use all the tools available on the platform to help your brand stay on top of their game while increasing sales.

Why Your Online Business in India Needs Instagram Shop

We’re in 2021, there are 500 million daily active users on Instagram, 80% of these users follow at least one brand, Reels lets you tag products for shopping and your business has still not activated Instagram Shopping? Don’t worry, Talking to Bots’ got your back.

So how do you use Instagram to boost your business?

Ecommerce brands have not been shy to Instagram marketing. Growing your Instagram page and promoting through Instagram is where your money’s at. Instagram Shop is the cherry on top with its immersive shopping experience. It allows you to integrate your product catalog with your Instagram profiles and lets users explore your best products through your organic posts and stories or even have people discover your products in ‘Search & Explore’. Instagram through its Instagram Shop feature, is now a one-stop-shop for your audience to understand your brand through your organic posts and stories, while simultaneously learning about your products without leaving the app. At Talking to Bots, we believe in staying at the top of our game so that your business succeeds, and with the Instagram Shop, we see your business making it to the top.

So how do you build your business online? 

When someone taps a ‘product tag’ on your post or a ‘product sticker’ in your story, they’ll be taken to a product description page where they will see:

  • An image of the product from your post
  • A description of the product
  • How much the product costs
  • A link that takes them directly to your website, where they can purchase the product

The opportunities are endless – more than 130 million users click on a shopping post at least once per month. So, here’s how to set up the Instagram Store in India.

7 easy steps on How to set up Instagram shopping in India in 2021:


Turn on Instagram Shopping in the Instagram App

This feature is currently available to approved businesses in these markets.

Before you begin

  • Your account must be approved for Instagram Shopping to feature products in posts and stories.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app.
  • You should already have completed set up for shopping on Instagram before you can enable it from your Instagram App.

Turn on Instagram Shopping in the Instagram App

To enable the ability to feature products from the Instagram App:

  1. Go to your profile and tap 
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Business.
  4. Tap Shopping. Note: The option to tap Shopping is only available to accounts that have been approved for Instagram Shopping.
  5. Tap Continue
  6. Select a product catalog to connect to your professional account.
  7. Tap Done.

Once you’ve signed up for Instagram Shopping, you are ready to post your product catalog through your posts and stories – and there you go, you’re making sales! Promoting through Instagram could not get any easier.

For Instagram posts, upload your photo or video and tap the items you wish to tag. You can tag five products per post. With more than 500 million users watching Instagram Stories every day, Instagram Shopping also allows you to tag one product per story.

Why do we care?


Talking to Bots sees Instagram Shop as the next best step for your business. Let us tell you why.

Instagram is turning into an e-commerce powerhouse – from big brands to small local businesses, everyone is on Instagram to promote their products and services. Instagram Shop just gives you that extra boost for your brand accessibility. As we said, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e is on Instagram. So how do you cut away from all the noise? Instagram Shop makes it easier for users to scroll through your products instead of going back and forth. The user learns about your product through your organic post or story. Have we convinced you that you must set up Instagram Shop? If not, there’s more to what your online business is missing out on. 

Another benefit that Instagram Shop has to offer is that it completely lets you steer away from “link in bio.” Yes, you heard that right – no more “link in bio” for your products, no more affected conversion rates. The Instagram Shop feature allows you to integrate your content with your store. As Instagram explains, “Once a business has a product catalog connected to their account, tagging a product is as simple as tagging a person in a post.”


Instagram Shop also allows you to target your audience better and much more efficiently. By tagging your product in a post, your post will be added to Instagram’s Shopping Explore tab. This allows you to have more Instagram engagement which is personalized to your target market based on the user’s interests and past engagements. 


Instagram’s idea behind this feature was to continue “efforts to strengthen relationships between people and the brands they love, by creating more opportunities—and simpler ways—to discover and explore products on Instagram.” And that has exactly been our experience with Bombay Shirt Company, who with the help of Talking to Bots set up Instagram Shop in order to boost their marketing sales. 

If you’re a brand or a start-up, a local business, or an industry giant, we at Talking to Bots believe every business has the chance to succeed and boost sales with the right tricks up their sleeves. If you are looking to take your business to the next level with the wonders of Instagram Shop, drop us an email or fill this simple contact form out.

Update: We have taken aback by all the leads, emails, and phone calls for the Instagram store activation in India and have stopped taking on clients for the time being. All pro-bono help is now paused till July 2021.

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How to post a REALLY LONG photo on Instagram | Tutorial Videos

How to post a REALLY LONG photo on Instagram | Tutorial

keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.
keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Is what the new glitch is. It lets people post extra-long images onto their feeds.

The glitch appears only on iOS.
You need to create or save an extra-long image, then open up Instagram’s photo picker and select it. The app seems to be failing to properly crop them right now.


The exceptions:

Images that are too long seem to not work or to turn up all black.
Images may also get cut off and appear really pixelated.
This isn’t quite a chance to post a full-res scan of a beautiful banner you made.

Here’s a really simple video on ‘How to post a really long photo on your instagram. It started trending on May 7th and all influencers have started posting in real time.
This format is trending on Instagram right now.

Here’s a fun little twist on break the regular IG feed and WOW your IG followers.
Be careful though and don’t spam your followers.

YouTuber Alvin Leal made this super easy video tutorial

Here’s Exoidz Youtube Video

Here are some really cool examples for Brands picking up on the trend.

How to do post a long scroll/ stretched Instagram image/ post:
1. Go to:
2. Image Size: use size 30×600
3. Download and post

Instagram Long Post #1: Mr. Poopy Butthole from Rick and Morty saying,
Ooooooo Weeeeeee

View this post on Instagram

O o o o o o h w e e e e e e e

A post shared by Rick and Morty (@rickandmorty) on

Instagram Long Post #2: Slim Jim, with theirG🅰️🆖 is as strong as it is long.