Best UI UX Design Company in Mumbai

Best UI UX Design Company in Mumbai

best UI UX Design Company in Mumbai

We might not be the best UI UX Design Company in Mumbai but we sure as hell strive hard to be the best UI UX Design Company in Mumbai that you delivers business solutions for your brand or website. We place the customer first and your business a close second to ensure while your customers love the digital experience you make some money as well. 🙂

Finding the best UI UX Design Company in Mumbai

How do you find the best UI UX Design Companies in Mumbai? What should you look for? Let’s understand this better

What is UI/ UX?

Simply put UI = User Interface & UX = User Experience.
UI is what customers see on their screens on your website or app.
UX is how the customer navigates/ uses your website or app.

To educate a customer or to help him/ her complete an action on your website/ app – you need to ensure that the customer engages with the page, doesn’t feel restricted by the user journey you want him/ her to take while ensuring you communicate your brand message and guide the user to complete an action i.e sign up for your newsletter, purchase a product, share your content, leave the website/ app with the intention of coming back.

What should a UI UX Company/ Agency do?

The UX (User experience design) ensures a product/ service makes sense to the user by creating a path that logically flows from one step to the next without the user dropping off. The UI (User interface design) ensures that each page visually communicates that path with cues that guide the user to take the desired journey while ensuring the user feels in control of his/ her journey.

Why Talking To Bots (TTB) is the best UI UX Design Company in Mumbai and why you should partner with us

At TTB, We are obsessed with hacking with the philosophies that are set by the very platforms we craft solutions for. We study algorithms and how they work, we decode search patterns & user journeys to better understand the customers. We study analytics and heat maps to better understand drop-offs and hindrances that stop the users to complete their journey. We then apply human-centric design that empowers the user to navigate seamlessly across the website/ app and helps complete the user journey from any page that they start their journey from. We ensure the experience is immersive and engaging. We deep dive into the elements present on each page, the visual cues that make the experience on-site a visual treat while ensuring the user feels they are in control of their journey while we are subconsciously guiding them to complete the desired action.

We find the perfect balance of UI and UX and make beautiful websites that rank on page 1 of google. Here’s a link to our case studies

Our UX Process

Research, Strategy and Content:
Competitor analysis
Customer analysis and user research
Product structure and strategy
User personas
Content development
Google Analytics Research
Heat Map reports
Consumer search patterns and trends

Wireframing and prototyping:
A/B Testing and Iterations
Development planning

Execution and analytics:
Integration with UI designer(s)
Integration with developer(s)
Defining and Tracking goals
Integration into development
Analysis and iteration

Our UI Process

To understand the look and feel of the product:
Customer analysis
Design research
Branding and graphic development
User guides and storylines

Responsiveness and interactivity:
UI prototyping
Interactivity and animation
Adaptation to all device screen sizes
Implementation and integration with code

Execution and analytics:
Ideating with developer(s)
Integration with developer(s)
Tracking and testing user movement
Integration into development

Art, Copy and Code mingle together with mutual respect to help you rank on google, engage the user and funnel them in to make them your customers. We create immersive and intuitive experiences for the user that help you achieve your business goal. We also show up for best UI UX Design Companies in Mumbai and from a landing page experience, we’ve got your attention 🙂

While UI/UX are the new buzzwords in the industry, we have always kept the Customer Journey or Customer Experience at the heart of our process. UI UX has to eventually help achieve 2 parts, give users the information they are looking for, which in turn will help them convert them into customers.