What Indians Googled During Coronavirus

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What Indians Googled During Corona Virus

The Corona Virus/ Co-vid19 Virus has literally changed our lives. While we are all still learning to adjust to this new way of living, we’ve changed our lifestyle, preferences, lifestyles, and even eating habits. The lockdown meant not only spending more time with family but also a change in what we think are essentials.
As a nation, we turned to the internet, asking google all kinds of questions to survive this pandemic. Week 4 of March (March 22 onwards) saw a spike in the following searches which were triggered with the Janta Curfew announcement. From DIY searches to wine shops near me, here are the top most searched keywords by Indians and their interest during this time.
Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in India: 2020 Post Covid – 19/ Corona Virus

What Indians Searched for During Corona Virus: #1 The Corona Virus/ Covid-19

From a search engine/ keyword POV, Indians chose to call the Virus, Corona Virus instead of Co-vid 19 or the Wuhan Virus or the Chinese Virus,
PS: While we would like to credit Mr. Atavlae for #GoCoronaCoronaGO, this isn’t the case. Mainstream media and PM Modi have lead the fight against #CoronaVirus

What Indians Searched for During Corona Virus: #2 Lockdown India

The Janta Curfew was followed by Lockdown India which trended as the highest searched terms from the 22nd of March. We all knew it was coming, it was just about when will it be announced and for how long.

What India Searched for During Corona Virus

What Indians Searched for During Corona Virus: #3 DIY

Perhaps the keyword of the decade. DIY is the buzzword, content plan for most influencers to kick start their online presence in the youtube universe.

While Corona, triggered  DIY hand sanitizer searches, and disinfectants to be made in-house, a lot of humans searched for DIY ideas for mothers day which is on the 10th of May, 2020. This makes us happy! Proactive thinking gift ideas for MOM are the kind of people we need in this world. More power to you humans.

*Exception: This video went Viral on whatsapp, humans did not have to google it. Only in India

What India Searched for During Corona Virus: #4 How to Cook

Yes, we’re all master chefs now and are eating twice our body intake before we were stuck in quarantine. What’s interesting is, while social media takes lead on special recipes by famous chefs – Google tells another story altogether.

How to cook Rice, How to cook rice in a cooker and how to cook red rice trended for rice lovers.
How to cook beef also was a trending search (in a country where Beef is banned in most states, go figure)
A handful of our population wanted to learn How to cook oats and Daal. Survival mode: on.

What India Searched for During Corona Virus: #5 Mahabharat

A case-study in content marketing/ reusing popular content and a masterstroke by our beloved Door Darshan (DD) to bring back the Mahabharat series (along with Ramayan and Chanakya). When everyone was quarantined, it was a no brainer for every home to tune into DD over their Smart Tv’s, families in tow for nostalgia and positivity during these troubled times. The surge of humans wanting to find out more and visit the DD website makes us think, their servers surely must have crashed the day they announced it.

TRPs = Check

What India Searched for During Corona Virus: #6 PornHub

“The internet is a reflection on human society” & “Data does not lie.”

The graph says it all. While the government has banned a half dozen porn sites, Pornhub remains the category leader here and a common search term for every house in incognito mode.

So much for being a Sansakri nation.

What India Searched for During Corona Virus: #6 Wine Shops

What really runs a country? Wine shops near me trended the day the lockdown was announced. While there’s always a search for wine shop near me, one has to stock up – god knows how long we’re all going to be quarantined.

Also, businessmen in Rajasthan are ahead of the curve, applying for the lottery to set up shop once this ends – to celebrate or for when we’re all diagnosed with it and need to party the night out and go out in style.

To find out more about what keywords Indians searched for that directly impacted your business or to dive deeper into what the sentiment is and create content for the same, email us.

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