How I increased this brand’s website traffic by 300% without spending a single rupee

By May 11, 2017SEO, Strategy
How I increased this brand’s website traffic by 300% without spending a single rupee

How I increased the website traffic for a brand by 300% under a year without any paid media or Black Hat SEO practices.

How I did it? Lets just cut to the chase.

*Drumroll* 3 words, Search Engine Optimization

Let’s add some context here.

Situation 1: The Easy Way Out (I wish my job was this easy)

A brand new website/ brand goes from 0 visitors to 300 visitors. It indicates a 300% growth but I wouldn’t hold these results as an indicator or any kind of success on the internet.

Situation 2: Driving Results for an Established Brand

Its really easy increasing the website traffic from 0 – 300 but if you’re plateauing at a steady 300+ user per week, you’re not going to expect a 300% in weekly website users especially with competition that has deeper pockets than you. It wasn’t an easy process but the results were well worth the efforts. We deployed a ground up SEO strategy, targeted keywords that aligned with the business and went all out to dominate the space.

*The agreement I have with all my clients is that SEO is an ongoing process and minimum period of time you need to sign up for is at least 1 year.

Black hat SEO practices and keyword stuffing might get you instant results for a month but you definitely run the risk of getting banned by google. A business that is driven by long term success must definitely stay away from any SEO that promises results under a month.


Coming back to SEO and the 300% increase, here’s the data from google analytics to show you the growth in traffic.
Google is constantly updating its algorithms and once you do you keyword research well, follow the best practices and create content that your audience wants to engage with, you’re most definitely going to see the results.


Nothing makes me happier than achieving the business goals we set, helping brands grow on the internet, taking on the 1000 pound gorilla (The 800 pound gorilla is now the 1000 pound gorilla) and ranking higher than them.

I’d also like to point out that here is definitely a direct correlation between website traffic and leads.

The traffic growth has had a direct impact on their business. Leads also saw an increase by 200% year over year – I’ll write another post explaining the strategy behind increasing qualified leads from the site.

How is the brand doing today you ask?

We’re still on board and the Traffic <-> Leads are still growing. Here’s the graph for organic traffic growth.

Traffic growth SEO



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