Why did my website drop in google rankings?

Why Did My Website Drop In Google Rankings?

Sudden Drop in website ranking


So you just noticed a drop in your website rankings, you’ve lost significant ranking positions and if this gif explains your current state of affairs & exactly how you feel right now,



Here’s your guide to understand what went wrong so you can understand why you experienced the drop in traffic.

  1. Get into your Google Analytics and double check if the tracking code on your website is the same as the one linked to your Analytics account.
  2. Compare your data from previous year reports for a drop in traffic if your product/ service offering is a seasonal offering.
  3. Check your Google console to compare impressions and rankings to verify if you’ve actually dropped rankings.

If you’re on top of your game and you notice a drop in rankings as well. Here’s should you should proceed:

Check if Competitors made significant changes to site

If your competitor has restructured his/her website using the best SEO practices and is now outranking you, you might need to revisit your SEO campaign/ strategy.


Check For Lost Links

Run a quick report and check if you’ve lost any links from third party referral websites pointing to certain page/ pages that has lost their rankings. You should also check if you’ve changed your site URLs that have resulted in a drop in traffic. Fix all broken links on site or referral links to ensure this isn’t the reason why you’ve lost your rankings.


Check for all major google updates pushed recently.

If you’ve previously employed Black-Hat SEO practices or not played by google’s best practices, I’m afraid google has penalised your website and you’re going to need professional help. Get in touch ASAP

If you haven’t been penalised and are none of the above suggestions help answer your question, thank the SEO Gods and shoot me an email. I’ll help you figure this out.