Should I switch over to https?

Should I switch from http to HTTPS?

There is a lot of talk in the SEO world when it comes to switching over to https from http.

While none of the google updates suggest or hint at https as a ranking factor, I am pretty sure https is the way forward.
Here’s a graph that better helps you answer the question: Should I switch over to https?

Should I switch over to https?



Moz also suggests and projects that buy the end of 2017, 70% of Page 1 results on google will be https driven.

Today, over 50% of the google’s page 1 results are https compared to a mere 30% in 2016.

While Industry leaders like Amazon, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest are still on the www, we have to keep in mind their brand presence across the board. These Industry leaders have put in years of marketing and advertising dollars to build their brand name, brand awareness and domain authority to maintain their #1 position.

Now i’m not saying the having an https will get on the top of the first page on google. But if done right, it will definitely help outrank the http websites of your competitors. (You can hold me to it.)

While google doesn’t outright say that HTTPS is a ranking factor, it certainly seems to rank websites with https higher.

So, Should I switch over to https?

If you’re a brand/ small business/ e-commerce player taking on the internet, I highly recommend switching over from http to https, ASAP.

Check if your website is secure:

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